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    Tutorials Series 2 - 2019

    • C4D Heart Beat
    • C4D Diamond [Fastest Way]
    • C4D Cloner Pencil Ball
    • 5 Things You Didn't Know In Octane
    • C4D Christmas Tree
    • C4D Looping Xpresso Rig
    • C4D Flag Looping with Cloth
    • C4D Abstract Ring
    • C4D Carousel
    • C4D Abstract Cloth Effect
    • C4D Shader Effector Abstract Effect
    • C4D Abstract Spheres
    • C4D Abstract Spheres Pt 2
    • C4D X Particles Trails
    • C4D X Particles Mesh
    • C4D X Particles Flocking
    • C4D Stop Motion Clay Typography
    • C4D Softbody Dynamics Burger
    • C4D Softbody Damage
    • C4D Simple Boiling Liquid
    • C4D Shattered Type
    • C4D Pinwheel
    • C4D Octane Lights Spotlight and Projector
    • C4D Mosplines Cinema 4D Tutorial (Free Project)
    • C4D Looping Background
    • C4D Jelly
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    Tutorials Series 1 - 2018

    • C4D Dynamic YouTube Subscriber Bell
    • C4D Harry Potter Spawning Effect
    • C4D Voronoi Fracture Slices
    • C4D Dynamic Twisting Rope
    • C4D Decay Effect
    • C4D Abstract Voronoi Effect
    • C4D Looping Camera
    • C4D Aerodynamics
    • C4D Spline Rigging
    • C4D Looping Abstract Backgound
    • C4D Abstract Clones
    • C4D Animated Pipes
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What you'll learn

All our tutorials since 2018

Series 2 - 2019

We cover everything from C4D Basics, to Dynamics, Mograph, Fields, XPresso, Modeling and Volumes!

Series 1 - 2018

Where it all started;)

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Meet Your Instructor

Dave Bergin

CG Artist - CG Shortcuts

Dave Bergin

Hey it’s Dave from CG Shortcuts,

I’m a freelance 3D and Motion Graphics Artist based in London where I’ve been working and teaching in the industry for over 10 years.

I hope to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years while working with some pretty big clients in Europe, Australia and the USA .

Hopefully I can help you through all the boring technical stuff so you can concentrate on what really matters… lens flares!…(kidding)… the creative stuff!

Let’s make better digital art!